Expanding Print Media Through Merz

  By Ben Rubin   7.29.13

A number of years ago, I took a writing class that required a biographical essay about an inspiring person for the final exam.  I ended up cutting and pasting together an art zine instead, which may or may not have made any sense to my professor.  I stumbled upon the zine again this afternoon while cleaning up my studio, and I thought one of the spreads (below) was worth sharing on here.  It briefly summarizes Schwitters' decade-long love affair with collaborative print media when he independently published the 'Merz' magazine.

From typographical children's stories to an issue conveyed solely through sound poetry on a gramophone record, his experiments would leave the door to print media wide open.  Who knows, without Schwitters, future generations could have been deprived of Big Brother Magazine's infamous cereal box issue, or perhaps the Rolling Stones zippable 'Sticky Fingers' album.  So hats off to Schwitters, flies down to the Stones, and second helpings to a heaping bowl of printable Merz.

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