FROM PRINTER TO BENDER: A Rapid Prototyping Alternative to 3-D Printing

  By Ben Rubin   12.4.13

With 3-D printing exploding beyond the DIY community (and busy with contradictory pursuits to print guns and organs), it's with some relief that I stumbled onto a project that hopes to reinvent desktop manufacturing for the rest of us.

Pensa, a design and invention firm out of Brooklyn, NY, is hoping to change the game of rapid prototyping.  They have surpassed their $100,000 goal on Kickstarter with their DIWire project; a desktop wire-bender that 'transforms drawn curves into bent wire that can be assembled to make just about anything'.  The bender device is paired with an application that allows users to drag-n-drop SVG files and automate bending on endless lengths of wire.  The bender accepts a range of common wire materials (including plastic, copper, aluminum, steel, and brass) and comes with clever accessories like assembly clips to facilitate the prototyping process.

Learn more about the project in the links below:
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