Rochester Institute of Technology & The MITRE Corporation

  By Docutopia   4.30.11

In the Spring of 2011, we were approached about illustrating a mock-up for a collaborative project between The Rochester Institute of Technology and MITRE Corporation.  The technology involved a real time tele-collaboration system that combined a video wall with an interactive touch table, and the team was looking for presentation material to convey how the system could be used across several platforms and environments.

After several meetings with MITRE's technology evangelists and RIT's developers, a Docutopia team was created:

Jon Schull - Project Liason
Ben Rubin - Project Manager, Creative Lead
Joanna Eberts - Project Illustrator
Sara Wick - Project Illustrator

Illustration Narrative
We decided on a 3 panel format to sequentially illustrate a dialogue covering all of the main platforms and environments the technology was being pitched for.  The first panel describes a permanent EdgeTable installation with custom integrated hardware inside an office environment.  Their table shows a map with an icon in the shape of a stealth aircraft.  The second panel continues the conversation with a military officer stationed on a base.  He is using a non-permanent installation configured with a mobile projector and laptop, as is the man in the tie on the other end.  Both look over the map with the aircraft icon and we see a route has been labeled.  The last panel shows a marine in the field.  He is using heads-up eyewear technology and a stylus to draw the path of the aircraft icon for the military officer on the other end.  Above the marine, we see the stealth aircraft flying in the distance.

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