Integrating Real-Time Visual Mapping with Video

  By Ben Rubin   8.2.11

In the Summer of 2011, I worked on a series of experiments testing different ways to integrate real-time visual mapping with video.

A Media Crossroads
More than the novelty of the combination, I was interested in how illustrated notes and video could be applied to promote accessibility.  The videos below are of Summer 'Lightning Talks', or abbreviated public presentations given by students at the Rochester Institute of Technology discussing their summer research.  I set up a camera to record the events along with the ASL interpreter (when present).  You can see me taking notes in the bottom corner of the video using a Livescribe digital pen.  The video documents become a crossroads between all the different mediums, converging to tell the story of the researchers and their work.  On the left half of the screen are my notes, which are cued to the video.  Rather than a summary of all the information, the notes are intended to act as bookmarks to the presentation.

Feel free to scan through the video's timeline to watch the visual map being created, and stop at points of interest.

Below are eleven links to all the Lightning Talk presentations I recorded during that summer, the first being from myself as a brief explanation the project:

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