Doodling on Another Dimension

  By Ben Rubin   4.29.13

Wobble Works out of Boston, MA introduces a game-changer with their 3-D printing pen.  It's true that you might not see one of these in a store any time soon, but considering the 2.3 Million dollar margin they crushed their $30,000 goal on Kickstarter by, it is a good guess that these things are well on their way.

Dimensions within the Creative Process
Sculptors, architects, and even filmmakers traditionally begin their creative journey by documenting in 2-D.  Sketches and photos are versatile, accessible, and inexpensive - but in the end they are often used to convey concepts that are meant to live in a 3 or 4 dimensional world.  And what if you want to skip 2-D altogether?  While sketching in 3-D can technically be accomplished with string or wire, the process of contorting an existing line is really different than creating a line from scratch.

Wire sketch of an alien invasion.  
Made by yours truly. Maruata, Mexico. 2007.

I'm a Big Fan
For several years, I worked in a metal shop doing residential and industrial iron work, and found myself collecting scraps from jobs to create sculptures.  I also got to play around with the shop's MIG welder and make wire people when no one was looking.  MIGs work in many ways like the above mentioned 3-D pen, but use metal wire instead of plastic strips.  Drawing with the MIG worked pretty well for simple stuff, but could turn into a (seriously) hot mess if you tried to get fancy.  The biggest difference with a 3-D printing pen (aside from the price tag) is the facility of the thing: no safety gloves, no electrical ground issues, no tank of shielding gas, and best of all you can hold this thing intuitively like a pen (even if it is quite the chubby pen).  

For All the Doodlers Out There
check out their website: http://www.the3doodler.com/


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